Cyber crisis communication

Mastering (cyber) crisis communications is a tactical lever. But even today, it is too often the result of a crisis. Our consultants, experts in communications and passionate about the cyber threat, are at your side in this delicate exercise.

Our team of crisis communications experts

Our specialisation in cyber crisis communications is rare in the industry and highly valued, both in terms of training and on-the-ground support. Our professional experience in the communications departments of major corporations and our on-the-ground expertise in cyber threats enable us to support your communications teams pragmatically and effectively.

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Qui sommes-nous ?

We take care of:

Define your internal and external crisis communications strategy in line with regulatory requirements,

Pitches, Q&As and language,

Training spokespeople and managing media enquiries,

Set up tactical media monitoring and social media response (community management).

Our goal

Help your communications teams understand the diversity of cyber-attacks and the specific crisis management and communications issues they raise for different business functions. Provide them with an operational and pragmatic view of their role and help them find their place and the most effective posture.

Crisis communication, a discipline in its own right

While communication in a crisis situation implies certain good practices (transparency, occupying media space, etc.), these are not always compatible with the specificities of a cyber crisis!

There are several problems for communicators. Firstly, the technical nature of the problem: how can the IT teams mobilised to solve the problem obtain the information they need to explain a highly technical issue to the general public, while at the same time communicating with the specialised media seeking precise information on the attack? How do you manage your crisis monitoring, with what objectives and what reporting models? How do you deal with media pressure when faced with a crisis of long kinetics, investigations over several weeks and evolving impacts? How can you communicate transparently and reassure your stakeholders without exposing valuable information to hackers? How can we occupy media space while respecting the need for confidentiality? Given the time needed to obtain reliable research results, how can we avoid silencing ourselves or running the risk of communicating too ‘instantaneously’, leading to contradictions? How can we educate without reliable, tangible information when faced with complex, multiple impacts? How do you address employees? What logistical resources are needed to communicate rapidly and massively when communication is interrupted What should be said when employees themselves see their data compromised by the attack? How can you communicate without losing the trust of your customers and suppliers, while making them aware of the increased risk of fraud that this attack exposes them to?

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