The key player in cyber crisis management & communication

Alcyconie is a pure-play company specialising in cyber and digital crisis management and communication.

Our exclusive approach, Cyber Crisis Management as-a-Service, covers all stages of crisis management: crisis preparation, cyber crisis management training and exercises, cyber crisis monitoring and communication, 24/7 on-call support, unique PIA® crisis simulator.

Our in-depth knowledge of the issues and the cyber threat enables us to prepare organisations to manage a complex situation and to advise and support decision-making, technical and operational teams in the event of an actual problem.

Our areas of expertise

Our services cover all aspects of crisis management: preparation, consultancy, exercises, crisis communication, on-call service, etc.

dispositif de gestion de crise

The creation and implementation of an operational structure for crisis management within your organisation.

exercice de gestion de crise cyber

Design and deliver training tailored to your organisation’s needs and specific requirements.

communication de crise cyber

Prepare your teams to communicate in a cyber crisis and support them when an actual crisis occurs.

continuité d'activité & après-crise

After a crisis or major event, develop your business continuity plan and organise RETEX.

astreinte 24/7 gestion de crise cyber

To support organisations in crisis, Alcyconie consultants are available around the clock.

logiciels & solutions innovantes en gestion de crise cyber

Secure, real-world training for your crisis management teams with our PIA® SaaS tool and optimised mobilisation with WaryMe.

Our areas of intervention

Alcyconie works with public, private and institutional organisations of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.

Our figures

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135 training sessions in 2023

About us

Alcyconie is a pure-player consultancy specialising in cyber crisis management and communication.

Qui sommes-nous ?


Our exclusive cyber crisis management as-a-service approach covers all phases of crisis management: crisis preparation, cyber crisis training and simulation, cyber crisis monitoring and communication, 24/7 on-call service, unique PIA® crisis simulator.

La vision d'Alcyconie


Our role is that of a partner, building a long-term relationship of trust that enables us to support you through the unexpected events in your organisation’s life.

Les valeurs d'Alcyconie


Alcyconie’s consultants share a strong set of values that guide each of our assignments:

  • commitment
  • curiosity
  • listening.