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We use digital for crisis management to make organisations efficient and resilient.


  • Our unique PIA® simulation platform, developed with the support of French Tech and the Brittany region, offers a safe, ultra-realistic playground to immerse decision-makers and technical teams at the heart of a crisis or cyber-crisis.
  • Activate all the dimensions that need to be managed in a degraded situation (legal, communication, technical, etc.)
  • Allows teams to experience the intensity of a crisis, reproducing in real time the pressure from social networks, the media and stakeholders.
  • As a SaaS tool, PIA® naturally meets the requirements and training needs of our most sensitive customers.
  • “Everything that happens in PIA® stays in PIA®”: our platform guarantees a high level of confidentiality.
dispositif de gestion de crise cyber

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Alcyconie and WaryMe have built a relationship of trust over the years, providing organisations with a joint response, from defining crisis plans to making them available in an appropriate tool.

Thanks to our exclusive collaboration with WaryMe, we can digitise your crisis plans and make them available anywhere, anytime, on your smartphone or tablet.

Completely out-of-band, your crisis plans remain accessible even if your organisation is the victim of a cyber attack: the tool is completely isolated from your information system. The messaging and collaborative management functions allow you to launch your crisis operations immediately.

WaryMe is a French solution, tailor-made and GDPR compliant.

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