Le Lab Rennes St-Malo: A look back at some experiments

Lab Rennes St Malo is a support programme dedicated to experimentation, enabling innovation to be tested in real-life conditions. The activity report presented to the Strategic Committee on 21 September highlighted the 21 companies supported by the LAB over the last two years, with 8 new projects receiving financial assistance from the Experimentation Fund since January 2023.

Wide range of experimental areas

Cutback Sports has tested its new bio-sourced foam loaf with Knauf Industrie and is now marketing eco-friendly surfboards.

Alcyconie tested its virtual cyber shelter with the IT department of Rennes Metropole and is preparing its next deployment in France.

Blue Market validated its stock resale platform with the SNCF Technicentre and has since won the Idées Neuves 2022 award for its innovation at the service of industry.

Over the past few months, the laboratory has been working with Agriodor, a deeptech start-up, on a trial of its fragrant bio-control agent for peach orchards.

The green spaces departments of the cities of St-Malo and Rennes Métropole are currently testing the Boom software developed by Aubépine for referencing trees in cities.

AGWI is currently testing the effectiveness of its biosourced phosphorus-based fertiliser on sports pitches provided by the City of Rennes, ahead of a nationwide roll-out in early 2024.

Since August, residents of Monterfil have been discovering the Viabeez solution, which gives them mobile access to health professionals. They can provide feedback and help improve patient care.

The lab helped Station REV find a location, and the city of Dol de Bretagne will install an electric bike station for tourists on the station forecourt in March 2024. This will allow people from Rennes and Saint Malo to take the train to Dol and visit the local heritage by bike. They will share their experiences as testers of this new offer, allowing the company to refine its service before launching it on the market.

Call to the community: the LAB needs you!

Le Lab is looking for volunteers from primary and secondary schools in the St Malo Agglomération and Rennes Metropole areas to test ILO Robot, the educational robot developed by Rennes-based Intuition Robotique et Technologies. If you’re interested, get in touch with Simon Le Berre: simon@ilorobot.com

Helping you experiment:

If you’re an innovative company with a prototype and would like to find out if you’re eligible for the RENNES ST-MALO LAB for your next experiment: Make an appointment.

The programme is funded by our partners, Rennes Métropole and Saint-Malo Agglomération.

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