Alcyconie talks about its incubation at Cyber Booster

A year ago, Alcyconie joined Cyber Booster, the first startup support program dedicated to cybersecurity in France, supported by specialized players: Axeleo and Le Poool. As part of France 2030, a national cybersecurity acceleration strategy has been set up, with an initial budget of one billion euros to develop the cybersecurity sector. It is within this dynamic that Cyber Booster was created at the end of 2021, a unique program operated from the Campus Cyber Paris La Défense and in Rennes.

Cyber Booster's mission: to nurture Europe's future cyber champions

CyberBooster is part of the French national Cyber strategy. The aim of the program is to contribute to digital sovereignty by supporting startups in order to create future European champions in cybersecurity. In addition to the support program, Cyber Booster also aims to become a hub for innovation in the cyber sector, by bringing together different types of players: ANSSI, DGA, Pôle Excellence Cyber, Cisco, a network of experts and mentors, etc.

The Cyber Booster program is divided into 3 phases:

  • The one-month “Set-Up” phase, a kind of preparatory class to convince the company of its potential.
  • The 4-month “Build” phase, one of the most demanding parts, where the aim is to build your strategy, product and/or service and make projections for the future.
  • The “Run” phase lasts 6 months, and involves personalized follow-up.

Final Pitch 2023 at Campus Cyber

On 20 June, Cyber Booster brought together over a hundred people at the Campus Cyber for its Final Pitch. This was an opportunity for the start-ups that joined the programme to present their solutions to the sector’s leading players.

In front of an interested audience, Stéphanie Ledoux, CEO of Alcyconie, presented Akymen, our SaaS platform, which is entirely secure and capable of recreating a management and communication environment that is totally dissociated from the information system of organisations that have suffered a cyber attack. Currently in the test phase, this platform will provide companies with a personalised bubble of trust, enabling them to track and trace all the events that occur during a crisis, organise the actions to be taken, and promote the rational and perfectly secure sharing of information. It was an offer that appealed to the public, who showed great interest in the solutions presented.

Until a few years ago, cyber crisis management was an area little known to the general public. The large-scale cyber attacks of recent years have shown that this is no longer just a technical issue, but also involves reputational, legal, HR, financial and organisational issues. Our incubation at Cyber Booster and the invaluable support of the programme’s various stakeholders demonstrate the appetite of companies and institutions for preparing for and dealing with cyber attacks.

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