Anticipating a crisis in a deterioring situation

Healthcare software publisher


A company that publishes, integrates and distributes software to more than 2,500 public and private healthcare organisations and 2,000 private practices and radiology departments was facing an impending crisis, the first signs of which were coming from its customers.


  • Helping our client to manage this deteriorating situation and prepare for the impending crisis management and, in particular, increased media pressure;
  • Prepare crisis communications involving all stakeholders: customer facilities, patients, sales managers, authorities, media, opinion leaders, etc.
  • Take advantage of the solutions implemented “on the spot” to define a crisis plan at a later stage;
  • Identify the causes of the crisis and draw up a medium-term action plan to prevent a recurrence.
les hébergeurs et la gestion de crise cyber

Mission description

We were involved in defining crisis governance and setting up strategic and operational crisis management to avoid an acute crisis while preparing for one. We prepared the various steering committees and drew up an action plan covering the various dimensions of the crisis. This action plan made it possible to prioritise the actions to be taken and to allocate them to dedicated working groups, while refining the roles and responsibilities of each person. We advised the Head of Communications on the definition of a communication stance and strategy, and took charge of drafting the language elements. In a second phase, we made recommendations to remedy the structural problems in order to prevent a recurrence.

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