Operational preparation for cyber crisis management


les télécommunications et la gestion de crise cyber


As part of a global support programme, we are helping a player in the telecoms sector to improve the skills of all its teams who are called upon to intervene in a deteriorating situation.


  • Training the legal department in cyber crisis management,
  • Definition, management and organisation of a 4-day cyber crisis exercise to train the first lines of defence (on CyberRange) and to stress the entire decision making chain with the mobilisation of the organisation’s Executive Committee.

Mission description

As part of this project, we began by training the organisation’s legal department in the specifics of digital law, giving them the keys to legally qualifying any attacks on the information system and the right place for the legal expert within the crisis units.

We also support the organisation in its annual global training by defining a tailor-made scenario, leading and conducting the exercise, followed by a hot and cold debriefing. This exercise, conducted on a virtual infrastructure (Cyberrange) and our PIA training platform, allows teams to be trained in real conditions, both in terms of intensity and realism (EDR, probes, social networks, etc.).

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