Establishing a crisis management system

Health establishments


A private association in the healthcare sector, with dozens of facilities throughout France, wanted to set up a crisis management system and train its management teams in cyber crisis management.


  • Define the appropriate and coherent cyber crisis plan in relation to the existing white plans and the specificities of the association,
  • Provide crisis management training to the Executive Committee and Management Committee of the association and its main facilities.
  • Carry out a cyber crisis exercise involving the decision-making and technical functions.
la santé et la gestion de crise cyber

Mission description

We first defined the crisis management plan (mobilisation chain, information, decision-making, reflex sheets, crisis directory, etc.) in consultation with the client team. We then conducted 3 days of training in cyber crisis management and communication for 30 employees/directors/health managers/ISD players, followed by 2 half-day tabletop cyber crisis simulations with debriefing and a mission report.

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