Training & simulations

Public authorities


As part of a framework contract, we provide training and crisis simulations to help local authorities prepare for future threats and respond to a cyber crisis.


  • Cyber Crisis Management Awareness and Training for Local Authorities
  • Cyber Crisis Management Training

Mission description

We provide regular follow-up for our framework clients. Over the course of a day, we train elected representatives and local authority teams in cyber crisis management and communication. This programme, tailored to the challenges faced by local authorities and aimed at elected representatives / Managing Director / Assistant General Manager / CISO / CIO / Communication Manager, takes place every 2 months.

les collectivités et la gestion de crise cyber

The morning is dedicated to theoretical training, while the afternoon is devoted to cyber crisis communication and immersion in a cyber crisis through a tabletop mini-crisis exercise lasting 1 to 1.5 hours.

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