Compromising social network accounts



Unfortunately, a major e-commerce player has had its social networking accounts compromised by malicious actors. Instagram and Facebook are of great strategic interest to this player as they are the main sales channel.


  • On-site support for the company (crisis management) to define the best strategy for managing the event,
  • Managing the crisis and initiating the various steps required to regain control of the affected accounts,
  • Communication strategy to inform and reassure customers,
  • Define the actions to be taken to meet legal and regulatory obligations,
  • Securing accounts and defining a roadmap for raising awareness and securing accounts internally.
le e-commerce et la gestion de crise cyber

Mission description

We were called in at the earliest opportunity by the client, who was in a panic following the compromise of its social networking accounts made possible by the validation of an internal email, and we immediately set up a crisis unit. Internal coordination and the implementation of an event management strategy enabled us to take the necessary steps with Instagram and Facebook to restore access to the affected accounts. In less than 24 hours, the company was back in possession of all its communication tools, without having to pay the ransom.

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